An Inexpensive Way to Discover, Monitor & Optimize the Value of Your Business.

Ninety five percent of business owners don’t have a clue what their businesses are worth. Many owners don’t even think of it, or they just don’t believe their businesses have value. A common misconception is that the time to value a business is just before a potential sale. But there are many compelling reasons to know the value of your business at all times:

  • Negotiating to sell all or part of your business
  • Buying out a partner
  • Bringing in investors
  • Acquiring or merging companies
  • Creating employee incentive programs
  • Dealing with divorce or a partner’s estate
  • Planning for retirement
  • Building a trust or estate plan
  • Dealing with banks
  • Doing tax planning
  • Making insurance decisions





What gets measured, gets better. If you spend the next few years working toward a higher valuation, your business will be worth more than if you spend the time concentrating entirely on sales. When you know the value of your business and understand what affects it, you make better business decisions, decisions with a purpose beyond taxes and today’s bottom line. This is how the rich became wealthy.

“Profits can make you a living. Building and selling a business can make you a fortune.”
— Jim Rohn

The biggest hurdle for most owners is that valuations cost too much. Conventional valuations typically cost between $8,000 and $20,000. Not only are valuations unrealistic for most business owners, they take far too much time to complete. Conventional valuations take four to six weeks to prepare. As a one time event, a conventional valuation has limited usefulness for planning, development, and growth of a business.

Innovative Valuation

The inexpensive, patented valuation method uses cloud-based software and has been used to value over 33.1 million companies to date. The valuation process is simple and can be updated easily over a year to show the effects of actual changes and “what-if” scenarios.

The method and practices have been approved and certified by the American Bankers Association and KPMG. They have been validated by the IRS and analyzed and approved by such institutions as MassMutual, Mutual of Omaha, Guardian, PennMutual, AXA and MetroBank.



Valuations for a typical company are less than one thousand dollars. Unlike other valuations, you can modify your valuation parameters an unlimited number of times for up to one year.

Getting Started

Valuations begin with an interview in which I learn more about your business and you learn more about the valuation process. I take the time to walk you through a sample valuation report.


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