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In our commitment to providing clear, practical and useful information to business owners, we continually develop tools and resources to help bring clarity to the innumerable challenges in business. Browse below to discover free workbooks, specialized calculators, and checklists that provide information you need to make better decisions and more money.


What is your Unique Selling Proposition?

The most important questions in marketing are often overlooked. “Who are you talking to?” and “Why would they buy from me?” should be the foundation of every marketing effort. The USP workbook Why Should I Buy From You? guides you through the process of identifying your target market and what matters most to them.

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Scared to Raise Prices?

Many business owners are scared to raise prices because they fear losing business. This simple calculator tells you how much business you could lose before higher prices would reduce your profit. I’ll bet you didn’t know what the calculator will show you.

Where Do You Stand?

Only 4% of the 28 million businesses in the United States ever reach a million dollars in sales. Fewer still ever reach the point where their businesses can work without them. Where do you stand among the successful few? Compare yourself to the attributes of these highly successful business owners in The Successful Business Owner Checklist.

Considering Discounts?

Before you reduce prices to attract customers, would it be helpful to know how many more you have to attract to pay for the discount? You can't risk not knowing the consequences of discounts.

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Why Do Businesses Fail?

What we don’t know can destroy our businesses and wreck our lives, but none of us knows what we don’t know. Unfortunately, ignorance is no excuse. Use this checklist to begin developing relationships and taking advantage of resources that will help you stay aware and on top of your business.


More Than Just A Number

My clients are routinely startled by the insights break even reveals and the guidance it provides for routine decisions. Breakeven also provides valuable insight for changing our behavior and approach towards employee incentive bonuses, price increases, price decreases, marketing opportunities, and more. Fill out the information below to download the calculator and determine your breakeven.


Invest with Complete Clarity

We could almost say that making money in real estate is automatic, but that would be going too far. There are risks, but if the original investment is done right, real estate provides a better risk-reward ratio than most other investments. Use this calculator to gain insight before investing. Fill the information below to download.