Personal Guidance & Direction

Individual coaching is tailored to your business, your personal and business goals, and to the needs of your family and partners. Every business has a unique starting point. The benefit of individual coaching is that every engagement begins and proceeds at a level appropriate to your business and your workload. It's the fastest way to achieve your vision for the future.


Workflow Outline

In individual weekly coaching sessions we work on specific tasks, deliverables and timetables unique to your business. I am there to provide information, focus, insight, and accountability. An overview of individual coaching includes:

  • Defining and aligning the long term vision for the business among owners & families
  • Establishing annual, quarterly, and weekly goals which build toward your long term vision
  • Collaborating weekly to provide critical information and clarity to accomplish our goals
  • Holding you accountable for completing what you agree to accomplish
  • Creating measurements of key criteria to gauge progress and success
  • Expanding your thinking and acting as a sounding board for your ideas and opportunities
  • Being by your side every step of the way to encourage, congratulate, and inspire you


I charge a fixed monthly fee for individual coaching.  Although you pay upfront each month, there is no long-term obligation. If we both see the value and commitment, we continue.  If not, we don’t. My responsibility is to improve your profitability so that the net cost of coaching is zero after several months.

Getting Started

Individual coaching begins with an interview in which I learn more about you and your business and you learn more about me and coaching. I will ask you about your biggest challenges, about where you are now, and about where you want to be in the future. You can ask me anything at any time.


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