Gain Clarity & Learn from Others

Group coaching sessions are curriculum based and directed toward teaching the many principles of business. One of the benefits of group coaching is the synergy that comes from belonging to a group with like-minded owners who (trust me) are dealing with the same issues you are. Group coaching sessions are candid and often lead to long-term friendships and collaboration among members.

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Session Outline

Each two hour monthly group coaching session includes:

  • Each member shares a brief update, personal & business accomplishments, and concerns
  • An hour teaching on a business subject
  • Questions and discussion over the topic
  • 30 minutes of in depth group discussion around one member’s concerns
  • A complete set of materials including a workbook, monthly tasks, recommended resources, and a check list to stay on task.


Group coaching is a lower priced, monthly option to individual coaching. Group coaching participants are charged a fixed monthly fee.  Although you pay upfront each month, there is no long-term obligation.   

Getting Started

Group coaching is suitable for new members to join an existing group at any time.

If they prefer, individuals can create their own group with a minimum of five participants (maximum of ten).

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