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How to Cut Waste in Your Business by 20%

If you are not actively eliminating waste, you are tolerating it...

... and if you're tolerating it, it's because you don't recognize waste, you don't know what to do about it, or you're too busy or scared to change.

It's worth the effort:

Eliminating waste is worth the effort. We have shown in prior workshops that reducing cost by 1% can increase net profit by 18%. Imagine the benefits of reducing waste by 20%!

In this workshop, Colin Reed of Industrial Solutions Inc. will show us:

  • What waste looks like

  • Tools to eliminate waste using the resources we already have

  • Real results from Oklahoma companies

Colin began his career in Lean processes in 1993 with a Japanese consulting firm while at Boeing. He managed a number of intitiatives for Boeing in Everett, Washington and around the US. He has worked as a production manager in the wood industry and for Stairmaster. He was in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 11 years before joining ISI in 2005. He took over as owner of ISI in 2012.

Eliminating waste is a RESPONSIBLE, PREDICTABLE, and POWERFUL way to increase capacity and profitablity. REGISTER NOW to join us for this two hour workshop. Seating is very limited. LUNCH PROVIDED